Legends & Legacies

David Banks

David has decided to change his writings to keep the B-17s and Liberators alive, their legends their legacy. It is important to keep history and the groups who in them dark days of wwII flew from the airfields Of East Anglia, and beyond. The sacrifices made by everyone must never be forgotten.

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Motor Neurone Disease Association
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David Banks


David writes his books with love,guidence,and a lot of research. Venturing into the world of WWII books where historical actions have taken place, is emotional but rewarding and David feels this turning point in his life will be Legacies for others to enjoy.


Chariots of Thunder £8.95 + £1.25

Print for books outside the UK, the book is free but postage has to be paid.... Thankyou.

A Brief Moment in TIme

Hands Across the Sea - Booklet 3

Where Eagles Fly

Photo overlay by David Banks Courtesy of 303rdbg Molesworth.


David Banks Books
David Banks Books

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David Banks Books
David Banks Books

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